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The three provinces in northeast China (especially the region of Changbai Mountain, Xiaoxing’anling and Daxing’anling) have vast territory with rich natural resources. There are rich  wild blueberry, blue honeysuckle, lingonberry etc, which are natural and organic food well received by more consumers.

The company is situated in main berry production region in Shangzhi City. It is on the western slope of ZhangGuangai Mountain (125km away from the Southeast of Harbin City), at 44°29’ N and 127°17’ E. The region with fertile soil and big temperature difference (similar to the main berry origins in Europe) has very good natural conditions for berries to grow.

Shangzhi with a long history in berry planting is the famous Hometown of Three Berries in China. The small berries were brought into China by Russians when they built Middle East Railways in 1905. The planting of berries here have been hundred years’ history. There are 70 thousand acres in total and 30 thousand annual outputs. The main cultivated varieties are blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, gooseberry, sea buckthorn etc., and the main wild varieties are blue honeysuckle, wild grape, wild raspberry, kiwifruit, schisandra, rose hip etc.

The company has own cultivated berry bases with over 5,000 acres and annual outputs 5000 tons in total, including blackcurrant base 2,000 acres, raspberry base 2000 acres, sea buckthorn base 1,000 acres and gooseberry base 300 acres.

As well we have seedling breeding base 12 acres. Main variety is blackcurrant, including have Hei Feng, Ben Lomond, Han Feng, welcome to our seedling breeding base to visit and purchase.